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חברת אומן אקספרס בשביל השירות 24/6 

Our staff is committed to providing a perfect solution for every request and be available for any request 24 hours a day.  Our ushers take care to coordinate the best drivers, in the most comfortable vehicles and make sure that you get a courteous and polite driver who will bring you to your destination safely, while providing a good and comfortable driving experience.

UMAN EXPRESS company for the service 24/6

Working from Home

Uman Express for service

We are at the customer's disposal from the initial contact created with us to his complete satisfaction.  We respond immediately to all inquiries, whether made by phone call or through an order form on the website.  Accompanying the customer continues even after the order has been placed, it is difficult to make sure that you have received the transportation service that suits your needs.


Uman Express for safety

Shuttle services are an area that requires great care and responsibility.  The shuttles must provide a safe service to tens of thousands of people a month, so we make sure to maintain the level of safety of the vehicles in our possession and adequate rest for the drivers.  Our set of safety work procedures is under constant and strict control and we do not compromise on any aspect related to passenger safety.


Uman Express for drivers

Our drivers are a quality and skilled team, carefully selected by the management.  Every driver with us undergoes ongoing training and professional training in various areas, such as travel safety, quality of service, providing first aid and more.  We take great care that all drivers have the appropriate driver's licenses for their task.  Drivers are in constant contact with our system of ushers around the clock, so that they can receive an answer to every request and question.


Uman Express for vehicles

We take care of the health of our vehicle fleet and they are under daily monitoring of service, care and maintenance.  All our vehicles undergo tests and treatments.  And we also tend to buy new and comfortable vehicles.  We do not compromise on the health of our vehicles, so you can enjoy a ride in normal, treated and safe vehicles, from buses, minibuses, taxis and more.

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